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Some companies face difficulties in collecting debts due to their clients’. And due to the low value of the debt, attorney fees, or debtor financial problems, such companies refrain suiting claims. Therefore, AHM established a department for collecting debts to help such clients in recovering their debts at the lowest cost possible, especially that AHM fees is dependent on debt collection. To collect the debt, the fees collection department attempts to negotiate the creditor to pay the debt through phone calls and legal procedures such as sending warnings, etc.


At AHM, we understand that each debt recovery situation is unique and, in that regard, we strive towards customizing a strategy to recoup your money. Our collection team aims to improve your businesses cash flow.

We employ friendly, non-invasive techniques with your debtors with the ultimate goal of recovering your money at the least cost possible. We use a combination of strong legal notices, telephone and email action and where necessary, legal actions.

We lay special attention to case study, evaluation and assessment, establishing communication with them and then planning a recovery with a case-based strategy. We are not tied down to a particular method of collection.

The purpose of our operation is to work towards a prompt resolution and to recover the full amount that is owed to your business. Our debt collectors are expert negotiators and will endeavor to avoid litigation costs whilst focusing on improving your cash flow.

While evaluating the process we considered following points:

  • Ours is a pre-legal professional collection service.
  • All claims and / or demand for dues are unique.
  • We will review and report proceedings and updates to you at each stage about progress of the claims.
  • During the process of collection debtor may pay or otherwise satisfy debt.
  • Clients would notify us immediately on receipt of payments against claims. • When we receive payment, the same would be forwarded to client immediately.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and will comply with all state and Central government laws.
  • Due to uniqueness of handling each claim, time frames are thoughtfully and purposely omitted.


  • Our mission is to deliver efficient and effective debt recovery solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.
  • At AHM, our mission is the management of the debts and has evolved from the 2018s to what it is today. Our reputation is built on two major factors i.e., Extremely Ethical and Professionalism.
  • We differ from competitors by a friendly approach of the debtors that temporarily are unable to pay.
  • Our objectives are:
  • To collect the debt within the shortest period of time.
  • To be proven by our clients as the agency of choice in terms of performance and results.
  • To have strong relationships with key organizations in selected market segments.

To be an extension of overall our client’s business approach and an exclusive Debt Solutions partner


Our corporate culture is base on core values:

  • CLIENTS – The satisfaction of our clients is the supreme aim and is the basis on which our future is built. We aspire to excellence in serving our clients.
  • EMPLOYEES – We believe and invest in training and providing good work conditions to our employees. Our employees are trained in dealing with collection and strive towards goal and success of debt collection.


We are a trusted debt collection services guarantee to get your money back into your bank account as quickly as possible. We have gained knowledge and experience that cannot be collected from a textbook or from handling a deal or two. It has been forged by years of experience, by our Administrator. We are skilled to secure payment from the appropriate payer. We have the ability to interface with third-party payers directly. This minimizes the amount of time and effort required for your staff to become involved in claims resolution on those accounts assigned for collections. All our services are offered on a no-risk element for our clients.